Meet Our Kiddos

Colin Colin was born at 37.5 weeks and weighed in at 5lbs 7oz. He was at the zero percentile on the growth chart, but was considered healthy and went to the newborn nursery. He ended up in the NICU for 5 days with low blood sugar, but no other complications, and came home with us after a week in the hospital. [ Read More ]
Jesse When Jesse was born he was 7lbs 1 oz, which was much bigger than Colin who was also full term and only 5lbs 7 oz. We took that as a possible sign that maybe he did not struggle from the same issues that his brother did with poor growth and feeding issues. [ Read More ]
"Welcome to the Kopacko Family website, a unique family with unique struggles!" This site was built to help raise awareness of our kids unique medical struggles and we desparately need your help!

Colin's Gastric Emptying Study

Colins Gastric Emptying Study

Colin also had a Gastric Emptying Study and this was used to determine the level of motility that he had.
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Jesse's Gastric Emptying Study

Jesses Gastric Emptying Study

Jesse had his Gastric Emptying Study performed and this procedure was used to determine how delayed his motility was.
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Jesse's PE Tubes

Jesses PE Tubes

This is a photo of Sarah holding Jesse with Colin in the background prior to Jesse getting tubes in his ears.
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Procedure List


  • CT Scan 2/2009
  • PE Tubes 4/2009
  • Barium Swallow 2/2010
  • Gastric Empty Scan 4/2010
  • pH Probe 11/2010
  • G-Tube Placement 12/2010
  • Granulation Tissue Surgical Removal 2/2011
  • 2nd PE Tubes & Adenoid Removal 1/2012
  • Gastric Empty Scan 5/2012
  • MRI 6/2012
  • Endoscopy 7/2012
  • 3rd Set of PE tubes and Tonsilectomy 12/2012
  • GJ Tube Placement 1/2013


  • PE Tubes 5/2012
  • Gastric Empty Scan 5/2012
  • NG-tube Placement 8/2012
  • G-tube Placement 8/2012
  • GJ Tube Placement 12/2012
  • Central Line Placement 04/2013

A Big Thank You!

For 2013 we raised over $6,000 dollars in donations. We, the Kopacko family, are truly blessed to have been given so much from so many!

Looking Forward for 2014 we have upped our donation goal to $40,000.

Colin's Personal Video

Colins Personal Video

How You Can Help

Your help, in the form of donations, goes to help cover over $35,000 in medical bills. Your donations go directly to our current medical bills. Each month we pay out over $1,000 in formula and medical equipment costs. This does not include doctor visits, medical testing, surgeries, and fighting for a cure.

A Big Thank You!

Our family has had and is still experiencing many struggles. Our kids have been the biggest blessings in our lives and continue to amaze us with how smart and happy-go-lucky they are. Even though they are tube fed, they are single handidly the two most awesome kids a parent could hope for. My wife, Sarah, and I thank you all for all the kind words and support that you have provided over the years. Again...thank you!

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